Embedding the Google Earth Plugin in Desktop Applications

WARNING: Before beginning work on your own Google Earth Plugin based desktop application, make sure to read through the Google Earth API Terms of Service.

These days, there are so many desktop application frameworks, that it would be impossible to create a one-size-fits-all demo for embedding the Google Earth Plugin in desktop applications. Instead, we chose to demonstrate this process using the most popular application framework for each of the plugin's currently supported operating systems.

NOTE: there may someday be a cross-platform solution using a multi-platform framework such as Qt or Adobe AIR, but until full NPAPI and npruntime support comes to these frameworks, this will not be possible.

Windows Forms (.NET Framework)

Windows only, sample in C#

View Source | Download ZIP (18 KB)

Sample by Fraser Chapman and Roman Nurik

See also winforms-geplugin-control-library Open Source Project


Mac OS X only, sample in Objective-C

View Source | Download ZIP (49 KB)

Sample by Roman Nurik